AI for CPE Management – Cox Communications

What is AI for CPE Management?

The Tallgrass.AI tools, Business IQ (BIQ) and Business Analysis System (BAS), provide the foundation to use artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning to identify customer equipment that will fail prior to an actual failure. The technology applies in many industries, offering service providers the ability to prevent equipment outages or failures, and proactively improve the customer experience.


Cox Communications, Inc. (Cox) is the third-largest cable television provider in the United States, serving more than 6.2 million customers providing digital cable service, high speed internet, digital telephone, and home security services to residential customer and business class services in their Cox Business organization.

Key Problem

The legacy Watchlist standard for failure of a customer equipment device is at 4 or more malfunctions within a 365-day rolling time-period. Following successful implementation of the legacy Watchlist, 80% of present-day device malfunctions occur prior to the 4th malfunction. As a result, millions of unnecessary transactions add operating expense and result in significant negative impacts on customer experience.


Implemented machine learning using BIQ and BAS data to accurately predict (99.3% accuracy) which devices will fail within the next 30 days. The ability to accurately predict failures allows the service provider to proactively reach out to the customer and schedule equipment replacement at the most convenient time for the customer.

What’s in the Case Study?

See how we identified $4.6M of operating cost savings during the 6 months studied, along with new information to shape future strategies:

    • • Achieved 99.3% AI prediction accuracy of device malfunctions that would occur within 30 days of install.
    • • Learned that 89% of current device malfunctions occur pre-Watchlist
    • • Found that 85% of pre-Watchlist equipment generated no revenue

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