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Big Data - the enigmatic, bigger and more complicated brother of small data. Fundamentally, what we're doing with data has not changed. There are just oceans upon oceans more of it. Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification. At Tallgrass, our job is to help you turn the complex to simple, putting your valuable data to work for you.  This allows for faster, more informed decisions. We analyze and shape your data into a profitable asset so you can focus on making the large and small decisions that will transform your company.  

By using data and analytics, we make companies more competitive. Our techniques uncover hidden connections within huge masses of data so you can react more quickly to changes in the market or customer traits and behaviors. We also grow existing services and discover new ones. We see data as a natural resource and we'd like to help you leverage that asset! 

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Big Data is just that - big, and complex. Today, many thought leaders call big data, “the new natural resource.” However, resources lie idle unless experts are asked to harness and translate its value into profitable use.  As with any natural resource, data must be refined by a highly intelligent system that can make your data actionable.

Our advanced data analytics engine allows us to learn and understand the ecology of your business and data making you more effective and efficient in achieving business objectives. We identify and extract the critical pieces of information from your data’s DNA.

We provide impactful feedback that reveals a compelling story. Tallgrass technology recognizes complex behaviors and quickly moves through discovery to identify measurable opportunities. Our BAS (Behavioral Analysis System) is 1000% faster than online best practices and carries the ability to process, shape and define complex behaviors in real time. These behaviors accelerate AI learning and optimize final outcomes. Tallgrass dashboards keep users on track by allowing them to see AI in action. Let’s talk about solutions for you!

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Every boardroom has an elephant....or two. These elephants are the looming issues everyone would rather discuss another time. The questions yet to be asked — by a person willing to ask them. It’s a common phenomenon that in today’s complex business environments, executives put off focusing on vital business issues that are not openly discussed in terms of their urgency and impact. 

Want to know where the elephant is when it comes to balancing the future with the present? Look at your progress on the big bets driving that future.

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Tallgrass dashboards and technologies predict and illustrate complex
failures helping you make informed decisions.

The world's largest and most successful companies are pouring investment into data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), but fear -- rather than the opportunity to profitably leverage data -- is the driving factor.

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Over the years, TALLGRASS.AI has worked with many companies in diverse industries. Below represents only a few.