Unlock the Future of Returns Management with RevLogix

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your
customers need to be happy.

Efficiency Unleashed

Insights that Empower

Seamless Collaboration

Profitable Transformation

Future-Ready Logistics

Key Features

Deploy in a single location or scale up to multiple internal and external factories, logistics hubs, vendors and teams.

Predict common failure modes by connecting field data points to your customer & symptoms.

Align quality engineering and SLAs to equipment at risk of exceeding terms.

Showcase a single executive view of highly relevant and impactful quality metrics.

Drill down from the executive showcase to the nitty-gritty of performance analysis.

Optimize and automate quotes, both fixed and variable part costs.

Explore equipment genealogy across versions, owners, buyers, and customers.

Why Choose US

Redefining RMA Management

Reduce customer fraud
Repair only in-warranty items, safeguarding your bottom line. Lower customer SLA costs
Ensure transparency
Keep all parties informed throughout the repair process, ensuring approvals are obtained.
Drive Revenue
Monitor and bill for advance replacements and & no trouble found & cases. Automatically generate quotes for suggested new parts outside of warranty.
Lower customer SLA costs
Reduce turnaround time by tracking units and flagging cases at risk of missing SLAs in advance.
Reduce in-warranty repairs
Monitor product performance, identify issues, and take immediate corrective action and repair.
Reduce operational expenses
Empower customers to initiate RMAs, leading to quick and automated RMA creation.
Ensure supplier SLA alignment
Track component-level failures, collaborate with suppliers to find root causes, and predict impacts on other products.

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